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😆🤨😌 What does it mean when a girl sends you an emoji? If you can’t tell whether she’s flirting or not, read on to check our guide on interpreting what those mysterious symbols can mean and the best ways to respond. From the most for-sure flirty emojis to the ones that could mean she just likes you as a friend, we’ve compiled a decoded list to help you figure out what she might be saying!

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Winking face 😉

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Smiling and blushing face 😊

  1. A blushing emoji means she likes you enough to want to get to know you more. If you sent her a flirty text and she sends a 😊 back, that’s a great sign she’s into you. Interpret this wholesome emoji as a message that she likes the conversation or something you’ve said. Whatever you’re talking about is making her feel warm and fuzzy inside![3]
    • Send back an equally cute hug emoji (🤗) or a text like "I can’t stop thinking about you!"[4]
    • To step up your flirting game try saying, "Oo I made you blush!"
    • For a friendly vibe, reply with something like, "Aw you’re sweet."
    • If she sends you a 🥰 emoji, treat it as the more intense version of the blushing face and a clear sign she likes you.

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Blushing kissy face 😚

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Two revolving hearts 💞

  1. These are the flirtiest out of the emoji hearts. She’s more likely to use these in the early stages of flirting to show that she really likes you. She might also send two static hearts, which are less popular for romantic texts and commonly used in friendships.[16]
    • When in doubt, just mirror her emoji usage and send two revolving hearts (💞) back.[17]
    • Orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple hearts signify a less-committed display of affection. Your crush might feel like a red heart or pink heart is too romantic for right now. Don’t worry, keep talking to her and you might get a two revolving hearts emoji![18]

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  • Question
    What is the meaning of flushed face emoji from a girl?
    Top Answerer
    A smiley with wide eyes and red cheeks, as if blushing with embarrassment, shame, or shyness, is depicted in "Flushed Face". It can also convey a wide range of other emotions, such as surprise, disbelief, amazement, excitement, and affection, in varying degrees of intensity.
  • Question
    What does a heart of fire mean?
    Top Answerer
    A flaming heart is depicted as the 'heart on fire'. It is used to express intense liking for something or a passionate love of something or someone. 
  • Question
    My girlfriend (we're a gay couple) keeps only sending me 💗, 😂, and 😊. What does this mean?
    Top Answerer
    As a combination of all these emojis, is probably comfortable with you (which is ideal since she's your girlfriend). The 💗 (growing heart emoji) represents feelings of affection, love, and pride. The 😂 (face with tears of joy emoji) probably means she thinks you're funny. The 😊 (smiling face with smiling eyes emoji) is used to express feelings of happiness or warmness.
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      • Black (🖤) and brown heart (🤎) emojis are used to show racial solidarity for Black and Brown communities. If you’re not a member of those communities, you should stick with a red (or other colored) heart.[22]

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